Family Support Centers

Boone County Family Support Center
Greenbrier County Family Support Center
Mingo County Family Support Center
Raleigh County Family Support Center
Wyoming County Family Support Center

Family Support Centers are listed in alphabetical order.

Boone County Family Support Center

Director- Dakota Smith

Cell- (304) 784-7334

Assistant- Summer Morris

Cell- (304) 951-2997

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA)

Natalie Keaton

The Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) is the nation’s leading substance misuse prevention organization. Representing more than 5,000 anti-drug coalitions worldwide, CADCA strengthens coalitions while providing a comprehensive array of coalition support and education, community education and collaboration, and advocates for stronger public policy. Signature events include the National Leadership Forum, Mid-Year Training Institute, and the Drug-Free Kids Campaign Awards Dinner. In partnership with Community Connections, Inc., CADCA delivers intensive, customized education for coalitions across the state of West Virginia. In addition to world-class coalition assistance, CADCA’s West Virginia trainings include the National Coalition Academy, the Graduate Coalition Academy, and the CADCA Youth Leadership Initiative.

CADCA In Action

Natalie Keaton

Community Connections, Inc., in partnership with the West Virginia Bureau for Behavioral Health and the Department of Health and Human Resources, is offering an opportunity to improve local conditions with methods learned at CADCA’s National Coalition Academies through CADCA In Action. CADCA In Action is a unique program allowing coalitions statewide to address issues within their communities using CADCA’s strategies for environmental change. Initiatives at the community level promote public health by reducing risks associated with substance use, preventing chronic disease, creating opportunity, and providing a cleaner environment.
Raleigh County Family Support Center

Phone Number: Call/Text 681-539-0370



Paypal for Donations:



1038 N. Eisenhower Dr. PMB #206

Beckley WV 25801


Hope Center

410 W. Main St.

Sophia WV


Transformation Center

200 Antonio Ave

Beckley, WV

Baby Pantry:


613 S. Kanawha Ave

Beckley WV

Drug Free Communities (DFC)

Candace Harless

Drug Free Communities is a grant created to support communities to establish and strengthen collaboration among community coalitions to reduce substance use among youth and families.

HRSA NAS Education Program-BIBS (Babies in Better Situations) HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) Grant

Jamie Styons

The HRSA NAS Education Program is a collaborative effort with Southern Highlands CMHC, Community Connections, Inc., and local OB-GYNs to provide education to those struggling with mental health and/or substance use disorders. The program focuses mainly on female candidates of childbearing age in Mercer, McDowell, and Wyoming Counties; however, males have been admitted due to the number of single fathers within our region. The goal of this initiative is to reduce the incidence and impact of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) by improving systems of care, local conditions, social determinants of health, family supports, and creating a systematic change to promote all pathways of mental health and substance use treatment and recovery.


Michelle Sparks

IdentoGO is the exclusive live scan fingerprinting provider for the State of West Virginia and is a certified FBI Channeling Agent. IdentoGO provides a wide range of identity-related services in safe, professional and convenient locations. Its primary service is the secure capture and transmission of electronic fingerprints for employment, certification, licensing and other verification purposes.Each year, the Community Connections location submits approximately 2500 background checks.

Mercer County Coalition for Healthy Communities

Candace Harless

Mercer County Coalition for Healthy Communities is a voluntary collaboration between groups and/or sectors of the community in which the group/sectors withhold their identities while working together toward a common goal of creating a safe, healthy, drug-free community.

The WV Partnerships for Success (PFS)

Angela Watkins, Kathy Brunty, and Cheryl Jonese

The WV Partnerships for Success grant prevention program aims to decrease underage drinking, intravenous drug use, and marijuana use among high-risk WV students aged 9-20, through selective and indicated prevention strategies informed by the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF); local, state, and federal data; and targeted and culturally and age appropriate evidence-based practices (EBPs).

West Virginia has a solid prevention foundation, and this SPF-PFS grant builds upon the state’s existing prevention infrastructure to strengthen and create new partnerships, bolster the State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW), and enhance the overall strategic prevention framework processes at the state, regional, and county levels. Partnerships include, but are not limited to colleges, child-serving agencies, schools, and behavioral health providers.The WV prevention workforce and other key stakeholders (law enforcement, schools, community members, youth serving groups, physicians, families, and more) will plan, implement and sustain effective and culturally relevant evidence-based prevention practices, programs and policies to address underage drinking, marijuana use and intravenous drug use among persons aged 9-20.